Install Guide

  1. Take out the alcohol paper and clean your laptop touchpad;
  2. Take out Nums film Number keypad and stick it on the touchpad;
  3. Download Nums driver software from Luckey's official website:;
  4. Scratch off the secret key coating and enter the activation code;
  5. The diagonal stroke of the upper left corner of the touchpad at 45 degrees is the calculator; the diagonal stroke at the upper right corner is the number mode; the middle and outer side of the touchpad edge slide inward to quickly open the software or website and files; (the win version adds shortcuts Method: ALT+Q in the digital mode, you can use the touchpad number in the document)

Nums Ultra-thin Smart keybroad

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All the data are derived from the Lucky Inc. Design technical parameters, laboratory data and suppliers are for reference only. The structure pictures showed are all functional diagrams, not the absolutely actual structure. Please adhere to the original products in case of any mistake!

Part of the functions requires the use of Apple ID, compatible operating system version, compatible hardware and compatible Internet connection or cellular networks; Additional fees may be required and the relevant provisions may be subject to.

The MacBook uses the trademark of the US Apple Inc, and it’s also a product of Apple Inc. The product of Nums does not include the MacBook laptop. Nums, Luckey and GHC Design all belong to Beijing Lucky Network Technology co., LTD.

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