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What should I do if I forget the activation code?

You can retrieve the activation code by searching for the keyword "luckey" in the mailbox filled in during activation.

What should I do if the software prompts to activate after using for a period of time?

You can uninstall the current software and download the latest version of the dedicated Windows driver from www.luckeytech.com.

What should I do if the keyboard numbers are misplaced?

It may be because you installed the wrong driver. After uninstalling, download and install the Windows dedicated driver on www.luckeytech.com.

What should I do if the touchpad cannot move or does not respond?

You can check if the touchpad software is turned on.

What should I do if there is a malfunction in digital switching and gesture operation?

Usually need add Nums verification to your antivirus software (like McAfee, etc). If you do not know how to add can email us.

Can I still use the original activation code after reinstalling the system or replacing the MacBook version?

Yes. Before reinstalling the OS system or replacing your MacBook, you need to deactivate the original system: right-click the mouse image at the top right of the screen and click the deactivate option.

Can the original activation code still be used when the Windows version is reinstalled or replaced?

Yes. You can download the app from to Luckeytech.com, and install it again. Warm Tips: If you forget to deactivate before reinstalling the system or changing the machine, please send your proof of purchase and problem description to support@luckey.cn

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